We Are Ghosts – Old Town Hall


This album composed & recorded live, in front of an audience, at Beit Hair (the old Tel-Aviv city hall), 10.11.2011, as part of an art exhibition hosted by Picnic Magazine.

there were no rehearsals, no written or pre-composed notes, no overdubs or additional recordings – it’s all live, raw & without planning.
we hope you’ll enjoy the tunes (& if you do – consider donate us so we can continue recording).
We’ve uploaded the original 24bit-post-master audio files for the best sound quality experience.

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released 28 April 2012

☆ Musicians ☆

✘ Amir Nir – fender rhodes, synthesizers, analog delay manipulation.
✘ David Peretz – looper, ipad, iphone, guitar, harmonica, bass
✘ Orri Dror – bass, percussion, melodica, kalimba
✘ Noa Magger – vocals, percussion, ipad, radio waves
✘ Shany Kedar – vocals, percussion, a. guitar, drums
✘ Guy Hajaj – effect manipulation, ipad, looper
✘ Danny Raveh – drums, vocals, percussion
✘ Shir-Ran Yinon – viola, percussion
✘ Guy Bibi – hapi drum, oriental wave drum (korg), percussion, drums
✘ Matan Neufeld – guitar
✘ Saccadic Eye Motion – guitar, percussion
✘ Morphlexis – vocals, guitar, bass, percussion, fender rhodes, radio waves

☆ Credits ☆

Recording engineer – Roei Luster
Mixed by Morphlexis
Mastering by David Peretz

☆ Special Thanks to ☆

Adi Englman & Meir Kordevani of “Picnic” Magazine.
Ruth Garon & the staff of “Beit Hair”.
the kind ghosts of the old town hall of Tel-Aviv.