We Are Ghosts – InDnegev EP

We Are Ghosts - InDnegev EP

This EP was recorded live on stage @ InDnegev festival (October 8th, 2010, 3:30 am).

There are no overdubs or additional recordings, everything was played and recorded without any written or pre-composed notes – it’s all live, raw & without planning. we hope you’ll enjoy these tunes (& if you do – consider donating to us, so we can continue recording!).

Due to technical difficulties not all of the tracks were recorded properly – it means that you can hear some of the instruments far in the background. to fully enjoy this recording, we recommend using headphones.

We’ve uploaded the original 24bit-post-master audio files for the best sound quality experience.

released 11 March 2011

~The Ghosts~

Shany Kedar – vocals
Guy Hajaj – radio waves, effects manipulation, percussion, Samples, iPhone
Noa Magger – vocals
Udi Raz – Sousaphone, Trombone, percussion
David Peretz – iPhone, harmonica, Electric Organ
Orri Dror – bass, e. guitar
Danny Raveh – drums, percussion
Guy Bibi – percussion, drums
May Castlenovo – soul catcher
Shir-Ran Yinon – violin
Morphlexis – e. guitar, vocals, bass
Matan Neufeld – e. guitar


~Sound Credits~

Sound engineer – Aviv Mark

Recording engineer – Roei Luster

Mix & Mastering – Morphlexis