We Are Ghosts – Broadcasting


This Album was recorded at Kol Hacampus Radio Station Studios (2/4/11), during a 4 hours recording session specially to “Sh’at Hasheen” Radio Program hosted by asaf Kaplan & Gil Matus.

There Are no overdubs or additional recordings. we hope you’ll enjoy the tunes (& if you do – consider donate us so we can continue recording).

We’ve uploaded the original 24bit-post-master audio files for the best sound quality experience.

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the ghosts

released 03 January 2012

☆ Musicians ☆

✘ Shany Kedar – Vocals, Piano, Guitar, Percussions
✘ David Peretz – IPhone 3gs, Looper, Synth, Guitar, A. Guitar, Bass, Effects Manipulation, Vocals
✘ Orri Dror – Bass, 12-Strings Guitar, Percussions
✘ Danny Raveh – Drums, Piano, Percussions
✘ Roy Regev – Guitar, Synth, Korg Drum Machine
✘ Noa Magger – Vocals, Percussions
✘ Guy Bibi – Percussions, Drums
✘ Morphlexis – Guitar, Radio Waves, Effects Manipulation, Bass, Percussions, Vocals
✘ Udi Raz – Vocals, Percussions, Trombone
✘ Merav Shacham – Flute, Vocals, Toys, Percussions


☆ Credits ☆

Sound & recording engineer – Omer Senesh
Mix & mastering – Morphlexis

Front cover design by Shany Kedar

☆ Big Special Thanks ☆

Asaf Kaplan, Gil Matus, Lior Rachmani, Saar Gamzo & all the good people of “Kol Hacampus”.