We Are Ghosts – A N D A R T A

Recorded in front of live audience at the Monument
to the Negev Brigade in the Negev desert of southern
Israel – 30/10/2014.

We’ve uploaded the original 24bit-post-master audio files for the best sound quality experience.


We Are Ghosts:

Shany Kedar – vocals
Orri Dror – bass
David Peretz – guitar, looper, ipad
Morphlexis – vocals, klingandhum, guitar, tapes, synth
Amir Nir – synths, delay, effects manipulation
Guy Bibi – drums & percussion
Asaf Koren – mandolin, banjo, vocals
Aviad Hendel – violin, glockenspiel
Guy Hajaj – tapes & effects


recording engineer: Roei Luster
mix, mastering & cover design: Morphlexis

Special thanks to Adi Englman, Yael Cohen & the
municipality of Be’er-Sheva.