The Cave Sounds Of We Are Ghosts


This Album was recorded in a desolated cave at southern Israel (18/8/11), a recording session which lasted a whole night.
All the music instruments in this Album are fully acoustic (well, except an IPhone based Theremin in track no.10 “Middle Eastern Aliens”)
There Are no overdubs or additional recordings . we hope you’ll enjoy the tunes (& if you do – consider donate us so we can continue recording).

We’ve uploaded the original 24bit-post-master audio files for the best sound quality experience.

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the ghosts

released 09 September 2011

☆ Musicians ☆

✘ Shany Kedar – Autoharp, A. Guitar, Bells, Glokenspiel, Percussions, Vocals, Drums, Toy Duck.
✘ David Peretz – Dobro Guitar, Percussions, Vocals, IPhone.
✘ Orri Dror – 12-Strings Guitar, Vocals, Marimba, Melodica, Accordion-Sabotage, Flutes, Charango.
✘ Danny Raveh – Drums, Melodica, Vocals, Percussions, A. Guitar, Glokenspiel, Box of Matches.
✘ Tal Oren – Vocals, Percussions.
✘ Elad Ben-Harush – A. Guitar, Autoharp, Glokenspiel, Mandolin, Vocals, Percussions.
✘ Amir Nir – Sitar, Melodica, Autoharp, Glokenspiel, Percussions, Vocals.
✘ Noa Magger – Vocals, Glokenspiel, Percussions, A. Guitar, Canon 5D MKII.
✘ Guy Bibi – Vocals, Percussions, Drums.
✘ Morphlexis – Vocals, Water Glass, A. Guitar, Drums, Tibetan Bowls, Percussions.


☆ Credits ☆

Sound & recording engineer – David Peretz
Mix & mastering – Morphlexis

Front cover photo by Noa Magger
Front cover design by Shany Kedar & Morphlexis