Miami – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by We Are Ghosts

In late 2011, We Are Ghosts were invited to improvise a live soundtrack for an exhibition curated by Picnic magazine at Art Basel Biennale in Miami.
No notes were written in advance.
No rehearsals.
Everything was improvised on location.

This unusual experience was filmed into a 51 min documentary film “Miami – a musical film by We Are Ghosts” which depicts a unique journey into creating intuitive music by a strange band in a strange land.

This is the soundtrack of that film.

watch the teaser


You can choose to download our Album for free (just set the price to 0) or to donate to us & get access to a special secret Bonus LP which contains 8 tracks from the same recording session (& is only available by donation!)

We’ve uploaded the original 24bit-post-master audio files for the best sound quality experience.

We Are Ghosts
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released 27 November 2014

We Are Ghosts:

Noa Magger – vocals, percussion
Shany Kedar – vocals, guitar, percussion
Udi Raz – trombone, vocals, percussion
David Peretz – IPad, looper, electronics, guitar
Danny Raveh – drums, percussion
Orri Dror – bass, percussion, kazoo, vocals
Morphlexis – guitar, bass, vocals, percussion
Guy Bibi – percussion, drums
Roy Regev – guitar
Matan Neufeld – guitar


Sound engineer – Mario-Gabriel Alvarez Cadavid (Jr.)
Mix & Mastering – Morphlexis

Special Thanks to:
Adi Englman, Meir Kordevani, Monica Haim, Mario-Gabriel Alvarez Cadavid (Jr.) & to the streets & people of Miami.

Recorded live at various locations in Miami, FL