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Every few months, each time in a different location, meets a group of Israeli musicians in a studio or on a stage. Most of them have never played together before and some of them don’t know each other. Some aren’t even musicians. Hesitantly, they take their position, plug in their instruments, tune their effects. They breathe in. And then… silence.
The RECORD button is pressed and slowly, one by one, they start to play, with no written music, no predetermined direction or any rehearsals.

This is NOT a jam session. It’s musical telepathy.

We Are Ghosts is a spontaneous music project, which brings together musicians to create a one-time adventurous encounter that can not be reconstructed. The Guiding principle is documenting improvisational sessions without rules or genre restrictions, and the emphasis is on listening and responding in real time.

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☞ Here’s some of the things they wrote about us:

✎ “The project manages to mash different genres (Post rock? Psych? groove? Slowcore?) and create something fresh and hypnotic.” weirdomusic.com

✎ “We Are Ghosts convince with the intensity and conviction of their performance. ‘InDnegev’ may not be the easiest of listening experiences but the dozen participants display an almost telepathic musicianship to craft an unsettling, mesmeric set of songs.” leonardslair.wordpress.com

✎ “בשנה האחרונה הייתי בהרבה הופעות ישראליות במועדוני הופעות שונים. ראיתי להקות שעמלות חודשים על האירוע שלהם, מתכננות, בונות ועושות. מה שהרוחות הצליחו לעשות לי אתמול, הרבה זמן לא חוויתי. למשך כמעט שעתיים נקרעתי מתוך המציאות היום-יומית שלי, מתוך המחשבות, התחושות והדאגות הקבועות ופשוט הוצנחתי לתוך מקום אחר.” tracksinthesound.blogspot.com

✎ “The result, is really great. It has that unique vibe that David Crosby had in his debut album If I  Could Only Remember My Name – a group of friends jamming and recording, freely, without any factors to take in consideration.” smalltownromanceblog.com

✎ “anyone who connects to the vibe and, together with the Ghosts, loses sense of time, will find much beauty in this music – beauty that is perhaps amplified by the knowledge that this is improvised music but present without even thinking about that.” – Ben Shalev, 03/01/2012 via “Haaretz”

✎ “Καταλαβαίνεις αμέσως ότι κάτι καλό μαγειρεύεται εδώ μέσα αλλά δεν ξέρεις που ακριβώς να το εντοπίσεις. Αυτό οδηγεί να θέλεις να το ακούσεις ξανά και ξανά, χωρίς να φτάνεις ποτέ σε οριστικό συμπέρασμα για την διαχρονική αξία του.” Βασίλης Παυλίδης, 03/02/2012 via mic.gr

✎ “Improvisación pura y dura que desemboca en pasajes melódicos interminables, que nos llevan a viajar más allá de las nubes, pensando que podemos tocar las estrellas y volver a bajar hasta nuestro rincón particular, pero en un estado mucho más relajado, cargado de buen rollo por así decirlo.” jesus marin, 20/01/2012 via IndieFerencia Magazine


☞ They Shared Our Music:

♬ walla.co.il – I’ll Catch Your Last Breath (Clip), Heartattack At The Discotheque (Clip), We Are Ghosts III (Full Live Show)

♬ thesirenssound.com – our 5 LPs for download


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