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Amir Nir

Musician, music producer & an analog equipment enthusiast.

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David Peretz

Well known south Israel based musician ,music producer & a singer/song-writer.

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Danny Raveh

Musician & a personal and business life coach.

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Guy Bibi

A well known graphic designer & a drummer in various alternative Israeli bands such as “Rubberband Project” & “Morphlexis“.

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Guy Hajaj

Well known culture journalist & a Blogger, a music label manager & a terrific guy in general.

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Matan Neufeld

The founder & producer of the biggest Independent & alternative music festival in Israel: InDnegev Festival, which take place once a year in the south of Israel.

Merav Shacham

Plastic artist, graphic designer & a video-art director & animator.

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Musician, music producer, singer/song-writer, video director & photographer, label manager & a mixtape fanatic. he also produces the ghosts, but that’s OK.

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Noa Magger

Music photographer & visual artist, writer, the friendly ghost.

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Orri Dror

Musician & a singer/song-writer. plays in a numerous bands such as “Noria” & “Morphlexis”.

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Roy Regev

Musician, music critic and journalist & a guitar wiz – guitarist for the late band “Monotalk”.

Saccadic Eye Motion

Mysterious musician & singer/song-writer. we are not allowed to write anything else..

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Shany Kedar

Singer/song-writer, artist & amazing graphic designer.

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Shir-Ran Yinon

Composer with a classical orientation, plays violin in a variety of classical/folk/rock/irish/klezmer bands & projects.

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Udi Raz

Musician & composer but he’s really a brass devil in human disguise. plays mostly with “Marsh Dondurma” & “The Compromises”.

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Yehu Yaron

Musician & music producer, upright bass monster & a great singer-songwriter.

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